Dropshipping is on hype since last year and the one who is running it successfully is on top of the world. To run a dropshipping store you need certain tools to get started out of which one is Alidropship. Most of the drop shippers use Shopify platform for there dropshipping business but I go with Woocommerce(WordPress). Why? Because I prefer less to pay in renewals instead of one time.

What is Alidropship and for who it is?

AliDropship plugin lets a dropship store owner have full control over the business, and means the absolute freedom in terms of the store management. Shortly, this plugin is linked to your WordPress store and helps you pick products directly from AliExpress. As the result, the products along with their title, description, photos and reviews are automatically imported on your website.

The AliDropship Plugin is intended for whoever desires to create his or her own online drop shipping store that uses AliExpress to supply products. The plugin is also perfect for people who would like to skip payment of monthly service fees for maintaining an online store. In fact, it’s a really convenient way to monetize your hobby and to make money from an activity (or niche) that you genuinely love!

Alidropship provides two solutions for dropshipping out of which one is Plugin and other is the Ready Custom Store. In alidropship plugin there are two versions - Regular and Woo version. You can find detailed difference between them here.

Difference between Alidropship Plugins

As said in difference, if you use woo version then you can use all woo plugins while in the regular version you can use only inbuilt features which are good to go.

Best Features Of Alidropship

Some basic features which we expect from dropship plugin are product import, order automation and inventory management. Alidropship gives all these features in detail and more than that. Here are some of them -

The AliDropship plugin is fully loaded with automated solutions.

Alidropship Review - Best Woocommerce Dropshipping Plugin Of 2019 1
Using Chrome Extension

Full-featured Alidropship chrome extensions let you import your winning products to store from Aliexpress easily. Know more about the extension here. Plugin also helps to achieve pricing automation by allowing you to set up your own margin when the price fluctuates and initiate orders automatically by sending out order tracking. Not only this, Alidropship plugin lets you import product reviews in your language from Aliexpress. What else you want?

Alidropship Review - Best Woocommerce Dropshipping Plugin Of 2019 2
Plugin Woocommerce Backend Options

One of the secret feature which let you earn more on sales is that Alidropship provides option mention your Aliexpress Referral URL through which you can earn approx 8% commission on every order you place. The plugin has inbuilt currency switcher option by which you can show multiple currencies in frontend as per visitors location.

Alidropship Review - Best Woocommerce Dropshipping Plugin Of 2019 3
Alisropship Plugin Options

My personal favorite feature of Alidropship Plugin is built-in Image customizer. It provides handy options to personalize any product of Aliexpress to your own brand. You can use it while import and also from product edit option in woocommerce.

Alidropship Review - Best Woocommerce Dropshipping Plugin Of 2019 4
Alidropship Image Customizer

AliDropship Review: The Pricing

As I mentioned above, I prefer one time pricing more than renewals. So, yes, Alidropship lets you enjoy all this worthy features in just 89$ one time payment with lifetime updates and support. Very simple and true pricing with no limitation slabs. Along with plugin, they provide Ready Custom Stores starting from 299$.

AliDropship is the best solution for drop shipping

So in my recommendation, Alidropship is the best Aliexpress Dropshipping Plugin for WordPress/Woocommerce. I request you that before you start drop shipping business, give good amount of time in research. And before building dropshipping store, I suggest you to do Niche Test.

Test Dropshipping Niche
Alidropship - Aliexpress Dropshipping Plugin
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Alidropship is the best Aliexpress Dropshipping Plugin for WordPress/Woocommerce with the best pricing and worthy features. Read detailed Alidropship Review.

Hosting by Fozzy has been my personal favorite since 2017. Fozzy is web hosting company, part of XBT Holding being operated in Asia, Europe, and the USA. By far it is the best affordable web hosting I have ever experienced from all the hosting I used. Though at the price what they are giving might sound gimmick and type of reseller, but believe me it is not. I am writing my views on shared hosting by fozzy.

Seriously, what they offer in their shared hosting plan is mostly what an individual expects in one plate. Like, when I search for hosting my basic expectations are SSD, Litespeed server, LSCache enabled, Free SSL, Php 7.0+ and server at desired location. In most cases I land up in confusion between two host because either of them is one feature short and other is having that in given budget. As a web freelancer, Fozzy web hosting covers all my required needs in hosting a website.



Following are the list of specification you get with shared hosting plan -

I have hardly seen any hosting company taking backups on daily basis at this price point that too on a separate server. Also, many web hosting claims to have Litespeed web server but they do not have LSCache enabled i.e. you can't use very effective Litespeed cache plugin on your site. Company like A2 hosting forces you to buy there top turbo plan to use that cache plugin.

Fozzy web hosting hides nothing from the users who are willing to become their customers. I hardly notice any '*' on their website because there are literally no hidden terms and conditions. They share in depth facts like No. of process, I/O usage, physical ram etc too which most of so called 'Unlimited Hosting' hides. You can check these details here(Shared Hosting>Specificatios).

Fozzy Uptime Report

Fozzy Review - Best Underrated Hosting Of 2019 5
Two months uptime report of Interserver & Fozzy.
I will update result with more host in near future.

Downtime is the deadliest disease of any website which depends on hosting. So, here is the report of Fozzy downtime errr uptime and that too is 100%(2 months). I was not surprised seeing the result because I hardly face any downtime or any hosting error. I have few of my important sites like BookFlow & Onplay News running on Fozzy and kept my site on Interserver for testing. In my two years of Fozzy, I once got mail from the support that server will remain down for some time because they were doing some big upgradation and that too was done after business hours(midnight) in respective server location.

Fozzy Data Centers


Very true, what's your excuse to not choose Fozzy? Tier 4, yes the best Tier 4 data centers in multiple locations around the globe. While chatting with their support on the Facebook page, I got to know that all of there DC are Tier 4. You get the choice to choose your server region from Russia, Netherland, Luxemborg, USA, Singapore & India. And guess what, if you choose Netherland, you are lucky enough to get dedicated IP for your website.

Pricing & Support

This is where you might think that Fozzy is normal hosting company claiming blah blah blah and giving regular poor service like many other web hosting companies. FYI many small hosting companies out there are just resellers, but Fozzy web hosting company has their own servers and they are fully managed by them.

Fozzy has just two simple and straight forward pricing in their shared hosting package. The first plan is for a single domain and the second plan is for 5 domains. Only these, nothing else to limit you and force you in the future to upgrade. Yes, I wish them to have multiple domain plan but instead, I purchase more 5 Fast Site plan to host site. In my understanding, this is the best thing they have done in a shared hosting scenario to balance the load. They have dedicated pricings for USA, India, Europe & Russia.

Is it still sounding gimmick or my words aren't putting on you? Don't get confused because Fozzy are too sure about their service.

Register On Fozzy

Click on the above link > Register on Fozzy > You will get instant access to CPanel > Use and test it as rigorously as you can > You are allowed to pay in 7 days if you like Fozzy or else drop it. And when you pay, Use Code 'SJ10' for extra 10% discount.

They provide regional support via email 24x7x365 with an average response time of 30-60 minutes. I wish they have live support option but nevertheless, we are getting too much and you will hardly create any support ticket. Along with shared hosting, Fozzy also serves ASP.Net hosting, managed & unmanaged VPS and whole cpu server if you need. Also you can resell there hosting under your brand using reseller plan.

I do love hosting my website on Fozzy and I am damn sure you will too. Any doubt? Feel free to ask me.

P.S. - Never ever use EIG Hostings.

A true quote though🤣
Fozzy Shared Hosting 835₹
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A powerful and affordable shared hosting by Fozzy Web Hosting is truly an underrated hosting as they don't market heavily like other EIG hostings rather focuses on their performance. Use code SJ10 for extra 10% discount.

What is Dropshipping?

In simple terms, dropshipping is a profitable business model with no stocking. You select a number of products from supplier website and list them on your website by adding your profit margin on selling price. Whenever you get an order on your website, you order it back on your supplier website with your customer details. The product is shipped by suppliers, customer receives it and you get your profit. Later we going to discuss about  Niche scraper.

As a supplier, Aliexpress is the most used website to fulfill drop shipping orders. Dropshippers use following platform to run dropshipping store-


When starting a dropshipping store, you must use some required tools to get started. The most difficult task while running dropshipping store is to find winning products. It is the situation when NicheScraper tools come handy. Let us know more about it.

Niche Scraper

It is one of my favorite and important tool to run a successful dropshipping store. As said, finding winning products to dropship is is not an easy task. 90% of dropshippers use Aliexpress as their primary supplier. There are millions of product on Aliexpress, you cannot sell them all. You must have seen many dropshipping experts telling their way to find winning products on aliexpress. Most common technique is to sort fresh products by the number of orders in specific category page on aliexpress. I bet that 95% of the time this technique is not going to work only a true expert can find out this way.

Here's where Nichescraper becomes my swiss knife to find the latest winning product on which I can invest. It is used to find the latest trending and performing products for dropshipping. Niche scraper uses a certain algorithm to sort out products from aliexpress considering some aspects. There are more than one reason to use Nichescraper, let us see them.

It is a great product built by Eric Smith, an ex-employee of Facebook & Instagram. You can know more about him by signing up for free here.


Nichescraper has very simple and straight forward UI with no fancy distractions. When you land at their homepage, you can see a list of things you can do on its website. Nichescraper is a freemium tool with certain features available only when you upgrade membership to pro. I bet you will not regret investing in Nichescraper for pro.

In this section, you will find selected products by Niche Scraper team which they think can be a next winning product of your store. All the required details from the title of the product to Facebook ad copy are mentioned in this section. You will find titles, description, pricing suggestion, video, FB ad copy, store selling that product and aliexpress sales report. What else you need other than this detailed info of any product which can be next winning product of your dropshipping orders. This section is great starting for any newbie in dropshipping.

Best #1 Dropship Spy Tool - Niche Scraper Review 8

You know that Aliexpress has millions of product listed by lakhs of sellers from China. It is so exhausting to find a single winning product on which you can invest from the list. Niche scraper's dropshipping product scraper performs analysis on thousands of items daily to show which one has highest dropshipping potential. Its algorithm search out products on different aspects like no. of orders, growth rate, competitive score, and Ali score. In this section, you can also find winning product from other Shopify stores.

Best #1 Dropship Spy Tool - Niche Scraper Review 9

This section is used to keep an eye on your competition. Dropshipping stores are growing gradually day by day. Niche scraper helps you to spy on other Shopify store's web traffic, estimated earnings and yes winning products.

This one is my next favorite feature after product scraper. We all know that video performs best in Facebook ads to generate sales. Many time we do not have video available for the specific product we want to have for FB ads. This feature is easy to go for creating beautiful and converting videos by just pasting product link. It will fetch product images and you can customize top and bottom bands to write something catchy.

Facebook Ad Video Maker and Product Scraper are enough to cover your Nice scraper pro plan expense.


Seriously, I have found some alike tools/service like Niche scraper but they are charging whooping amount for it. Drop shipping business is mostly opted by someone who is less in the budget to invest. What is the use when you end up investing high in tools like this and not having sales. According to me, Niche scraper pro plan is most pocket-friendly and worth to invest on. Some of the reason to opt for the pro plan are :

You can purchase Niche scraper pro membership for 49$/month which can be easily covered in your first month sales. I can get you 10$ discount monthly to help you start off. Just sign up using the link provided, use the free trial, if it looks good, get it for just 39$/month.

Best #1 Dropship Spy Tool - Niche Scraper Review 10

I will surely recommend Niche scraper as it is great to get started in dropshipping business. Also, if you are technically weak or don't want to invest in Shopify monthly system, I have a better option for you. Just contact me, I will guide you through. For any other recommendations online for hosting, development, tools/services anything, you can always contact me for free suggestions.

Click here to Sign-Up with discounted Pro Membership On Niche Scraper

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Niche scraper helps you to spy on other Shopify store’s web traffic, estimated earnings and yes winning products.

Best #1 Dropship Spy Tool - Niche Scraper Review
Best #1 Dropship Spy Tool - Niche Scraper Review 11

In simple terms, dropshipping is a profitable business model with no stocking. You select a number of products from supplier website and list them on your website by adding your profit margin on selling price. Whenever you get an order on your website, you order it back on your supplier website with your customer details. The product is shipped by suppliers, customer receives it and you get your profit. Later we going to discuss about  Niche scraper.

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