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What is new in GlorifyApp 2.0? Best Ecommerce Design Tool Online

Glorifyapp is an eCommerce design tool for ecom business owners and dropshippers out there. You might be using Canva or Crello for designing purpose but they are just another design tool and not an eCommerce centric design tool. This statement was not to offend you because I love Canva but for your ecom business or funnels you definitely need something specific. This short video will show how using a single product image you can create a whole design set for your store.

If there is still any doubt to switch to Glorifyapp, the release of Glorifyapp 2.0 will leave no stone unturned to get you in. In this post, I will give a walkthrough of what’s upcoming in Glorifyapp 2.0 and how it is going to make impact. The first phase of Glorifyapp 2.0 is live that is dashboard and the second phase which includes editor update will release by the end of August 2020.

At the end of article, I will be sharing sneak peek of GlorifyApp 2.0.

GlorifyApp 2.0 Dashboard

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The Glorifyapp 2.0 UI is a complete overhaul from the previous design and much more organized. This design is elegant and has been more productive for me. The moment you register for Glorifyapp, it will ask a few questions based on which your dashboard will be customized. There are so many options available still it looks clean and easy to navigate.

On the top of the dashboard you have got Toolbox, Browse, Tutorials and Profile settings option.

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The logo maker and BG Remover have been shifted to Toolbox and it is expected more such addon tools or integrations will be listed here. The Browse section includes all the available design sized well organized in categories. All the tutorials to get started with Glorifyapp are within the dashboard in that top right video icon.

We will take look on available option of the Glorirfyapp 2.0 dashboard one by one.


What is new in GlorifyApp 2.0? Best Ecommerce Design Tool Online 1

Templates area will be customized time to time as per you use Glorifyapp. It is also based on the answers you select in questionnaire at time of registration. It basically will show up templates related to niche you work on most and sizes you frequently use.

My Brands

What is new in GlorifyApp 2.0? Best Ecommerce Design Tool Online 2

My Brands in Glorifyapp is one of my favorite feature and it is practically so helpful. You can add logo, select niche, select default fonts, select default colors and simply customize any template available in Glorifyapp with just one click ‘brand it’. This will change the fonts and color of templates as per your brand.
Design consistency is an important factor in the design process, Glorifyapp makes it easy.


What is new in GlorifyApp 2.0? Best Ecommerce Design Tool Online 3

Glorifyapp being eCommerce centric design tool also aims that users create stunning product images within minutes. In this favorite section, you can add frequently used fonts, color sets, icons, shapes and templates so that when you start designing, you are good to go with your favorites.

My Files

What is new in GlorifyApp 2.0? Best Ecommerce Design Tool Online 4

As the Glorifyapp 2.0 dashboard is well organized so should be your files on it. My Files is separated in My Design, Image Library and Trash. You can sort them and add tags to file so that they are easily searchable by filtering tags.


What is new in GlorifyApp 2.0? Best Ecommerce Design Tool Online 5

If you are an agency, you can opt for Business plan of Glorifyapp to add your team members. The Pro plan has an option for 1 user. Opting for Business plan offers a lot more than just team members. If you are running graphic design agency, you should definitely get that plan.

This is all about Glorifyapp 2.0 phase 1 release.

GlorifyApp 2.0 Editor

I have used lots of design tools online and have observed that all of them have same layout for edior or the artboard. You must have also noticed that every design tool out there has all the customizations available at left and other options on top.
This is how Glorifyapp editor looks now and it is going to be changed soon.

What is new in GlorifyApp 2.0? Best Ecommerce Design Tool Online 6

Being ecommerce centric design tool, Glorifyapp 2.0 editor will be built from scratch making it scalable for future features. It will have essence of best design apps like Figma and even web builders like Elementor. They have planned to have assets panel on left, tweaking panel on right and a toolbox which will have 3rd party integrations. Here’s the first draft of how Glorifyapp 2.0 editor will look:

glorifyapp 2.0

Isn’t it a jaw-dropping improvement? I am personally so much excited for this release and I guess you must be. This shows how dedicated is the team behind Glorifyapp to make it best ecommerce design tool.
The party does not end here, here are some more upcoming confirmed features. Also, they have a public roadmap where you can request your desired feature or upvote already suggested features.

What is new in GlorifyApp 2.0? Best Ecommerce Design Tool Online 7

As promised in start, here I will share the inside video of Glorifyapp editor 2.0.

I know it looks tempting and it is definitely going to be sweet when you use it.

If you hadn’t yet made your mind, I want to let you know that this is the right time to get this deal as Glorifyapp is offering up to 75% Lifetime Discount. This means that if you will purchase Glorifyapp now, you will be paying same every year for lifetime.
It is clear that with so many great features on roadmap the prices are going to rise after few updates.

What is new in GlorifyApp 2.0? Best Ecommerce Design Tool Online 8

A Canva or Crello pro plan cost around 100$ for a year whereas you will be paying only 69$ for eCommerce centric Glorifyapp pro plan and this renewal rate will be locked for every year regardless of price hike in future. The deal gets sweeter if you go for multiple-year deal.

You should not leave this deal if you are ecom business owner, dropshipper or funnel hacker. This is best time to stack deal if there’s any plan for online business in future.

Let me know your views and doubts in comments.

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