Fozzy Review – Best Underrated Hosting Of 2022

Hosting by Fozzy has been my personal favorite since 2017. Fozzy is web hosting company, part of XBT Holding being operated in Asia, Europe, and the USA. By far it is the best affordable web hosting I have ever experienced from all the hosting I used. Though at the price what they are giving might sound gimmick and type of reseller, but believe me it is not. I am writing my views on shared hosting by fozzy.

Seriously, what they offer in their shared hosting plan is mostly what an individual expects in one plate. Like, when I search for hosting my basic expectations are SSD, Litespeed server, LSCache enabled, Free SSL, Php 7.0+ and server at desired location. In most cases I land up in confusion between two host because either of them is one feature short and other is having that in given budget. As a web freelancer, Fozzy web hosting covers all my required needs in hosting a website.



Following are the list of specification you get with shared hosting plan –

  • CPanel or ISP Manager(Your choice of an interface)
  • Litespeed Web Server(Much faster than Apache)
  • Cloud Linux SSD(60 times faster than HDD)
  • PHP 4.4-7.2, MySQL, Perl & Python
  • SSH & FTP Access
  • Free SSL & Litespeed Cache
  • Daily Backups

I have hardly seen any hosting company taking backups on daily basis at this price point that too on a separate server. Also, many web hosting claims to have Litespeed web server but they do not have LSCache enabled i.e. you can’t use very effective Litespeed cache plugin on your site. Company like A2 hosting forces you to buy there top turbo plan to use that cache plugin.

UPDATE(2020) – Fozzy have added new feature in their shared hosting plate called ‘Automatic vulnerability fix‘. It fixes vulnerabilities in CMS and their plugins automatically without updating the CMS.

Fozzy Review - Best Underrated Hosting Of 2022 1

Fozzy web hosting hides nothing from the users who are willing to become their customers. I hardly notice any ‘*’ on their website because there are literally no hidden terms and conditions. They share in-depth facts like No. of process, I/O usage, physical ram, etc too which most of so-called ‘Unlimited Hosting‘ hides. You can check these details here(Shared Hosting>Specificatios).

Fozzy Uptime Report

Fozzy Review - Best Underrated Hosting Of 2022 2
Two months uptime report of Interserver & Fozzy.
I will update result with more host in near future.

Downtime is the deadliest disease of any website which depends on hosting. So, here is the report of Fozzy downtime errr uptime and that too is 100%(2 months). I was not surprised seeing the result because I hardly face any downtime or any hosting error. I have few of my important sites like BookFlow & Onplay News running on Fozzy and kept my site on Interserver for testing. In my two years of Fozzy, I once got mail from the support that server will remain down for some time because they were doing some big upgrades and that too was done after business hours(midnight) in respective server locations.

Fozzy Data Centers

Fozzy Review - Best Underrated Hosting Of 2022 3
Fozzy Datacentres

Very true, what’s your excuse to not choose Fozzy? Tier 4, yes the best Tier 4 data centers in multiple locations around the globe. While chatting with their support on the Facebook page, I got to know that all of there DC are Tier 4. You get the choice to choose your server region from Russia, Netherland, Luxemborg, USA, Singapore & India. And guess what, if you choose Netherland, you are lucky enough to get dedicated IP for your website.

Pricing & Support

FYI many small hosting companies out there are just resellers, but Fozzy web hosting company has their own servers and they are fully managed by them.

Fozzy Review - Best Underrated Hosting Of 2022 4

Fozzy has few simple and straight forward pricing in their shared hosting package. They have dedicated pricings for USA, Europe & Russia.

Is it still sounding gimmick or my words aren’t putting on you? Don’t get confused because Fozzy is too sure about their service.

Click on the above link > Register on Fozzy > You will get instant access to CPanel > Use and test it as rigorously as you can > You are allowed to pay in 7 days if you like Fozzy or else drop it. And when you pay, Use Code ‘SJ10‘ for extra 10% discount.

They provide regional support via email 24x7x365 with an average response time of 30-60 minutes. I wish they have live support option but nevertheless, we are getting too much and you will hardly create any support ticket. Along with shared hosting, Fozzy also serves ASP.Net hosting, managed & unmanaged VPS and whole cpu server if you need. Also you can resell there hosting under your brand using reseller plan.

I do love hosting my website on Fozzy and I am damn sure you will too. Any doubt? Feel free to ask me.

P.S. – Never ever use EIG Hostings.

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