Interserver Review – Best Black Friday Hosting Deal 2022

Interserver is an affordable hosting service which fills all the checkbox in your hosting requirement list. I have been using it over a year, and this blog is being hosted on Interserver itself. After having experienced many hosting services, here I will share my Interserver review and why it is the best Black Friday hosting deal in 2020.

In the world where every day a new hosting company is coming up who are actually ‘resellers’, Interserver has been in the hosting industry since 1999 with their own datacenters. They have come a long way and now powers 4 datacenters located in New Jersey.

Interserver offers all the possible hosting solutions from shared hosting to Cloud VPS. They also have, reseller, and managed WordPress hosting service. Apart from this, they do sell dedicated servers, storage hosting, and private email hosting. I will write about the Interserver shared hosting service and why I am still sticking to it.

What Interserver Offers?

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Interserver being an affordable shared hosting leaves no stone unturned when it comes to features. Along with unlimited amount of resources it offers premium-grade security and caching mechanism for the price of shared hosting. Now you should be aware that unlimited in hosting does not mean infinite but you can host a decent number low to mid sized websites.

Interserver has option for both Lets Encrypt SSL and cPanel auto SSL. With every Cpanel account, you get Softaculous one-click installation tool for easy installation WordPress and other 450+ scripts. Shared hosting accounts run on Cloud Linux OS with Raid 10 SSD storage powered by 10GB Cisco Network. Unlike other hostings where most of the important cPanel extensions are blocked or not installed, Interserver has best and necessary cPanel extensions in plate including Immunify360.

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As mentioned on Interserver site, they utilize only 50% of server capacity so that end users do not experience any performance issue. If you are migrating from any different host, Interserver helps you in migrating full data without any extra cost. Most of the hosting companies are afraid to let you know the server resources you will get in shared hosting, Interserver has listed them all. Also, you get 2G of physical ram in compare to 1G with all other shared hostings out there.

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Other than these, unlimited quota in Intersever includes SSD storage, domains, parked domains, subdomains, SQLs and most importantly email accounts.

Special Features

If above specs does not settle you like me then these special features will surely do.

Inter-Proxy Caching + CloudFlare

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Interserver shared hosting is built upon Litespeed server with LScache that enables caching at application level i.e. you are allowed to use Litespeed cache plugin on your WordPress site. It integrates with Cloudflare so well to provide you with global CDN and block bad bots so that real users do not face any issue. The cPanel also comes with Litespeed cache manager extension installed so that you can purge/control caching at server level without contacting support.

InterShield Security

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Interserver security is just not another shared hosting firewall. Being in hosting industry for so long, they use data from all servers to prevent replicated attack on the website. Rules for known hack strings and blacklisted IPs are updated frequently. All the content being uploaded are scanned quickly by Clamav using a cluster of servers to quickly scan the request.

Price Lock Guarantee

This is first in industry type of thing and my favorite. Most of other EIG hostings lure you with discounted entry price and charge 4x at time of renewal. Price lock guarantee assures that you will pay same renewal price as the time of sign up for lifetime. Whether you got first year for discounted price, renewal will be same until you continue with Interserver.

InterServer Web Hosting and VPS

My Experience With Interserver

I have been with Interserver hosting for last two years and this blog is being hosted on Interserver shared hosting standard plan so you can test the URL. Talking about the uptime of Interserver, it is good as any other famous web host. On multiple speed test, the response time in America was around 1s and 2-3s from around the globe. This is the report of 30 days.

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I haven’t interacted with the support much but most of the queries and support stuff was cleared over live chat support. For any advance technical query, they forward support ticket to a higher tier and response via email was within 24 hours. They also have telephone support for multiple countries like USA, England, Israel and Brazil.

If you want to upgrade and have more control over the server, I would suggest checking Interserver VPS plan(starting at 6$/month). You can get extra discount if you opt for there multiple-year hosting plans. Interserver has different payment option and 30 days refund policy for all the service they offer. For the 5$/month pricing, I am more than enough satisfied with Interserver shared hosting and will continue renewing it for my small to medium-sized website.

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